Pride & Prejudice House

Our Mission

Regency Encounters is renowned for their ambitious undertakings and the epic nature of their events. We are the company behind the Pride & Prejudice Ball, which began with a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, and now draws crowds of hundreds in multiple cities. We have been holding the ball 2 - 3 times a year for the last 4 years. We create fantastical experiences for our guests, and have always had Jane Austen at the heart of our passion. Founder of Regency Encounters, Melanie Kerr, published her first novel in 2013, 200 years after the release of Pride and Prejudice. She has since published a second book and is now working on her third, all in the era and style of Jane Austen.

We are also responsible for DnD in a Castle, which takes place over 4 days in a genuine castle in France, and features some of the biggest names in RPG, such as the queen of DnD herself, Satine Phoenix, and lead rules designer of DnD, Jeremy Crawford. This event sold out very quickly in its inaugural year, and plans are only getting bigger for future years. 

Regency Encounters also created the Festival of Witchcraft and Wizardry, attended by over ten thousand people in its first year. All coordinated and overseen by Kerr, the festival involved a Magical Express train, Potions and Divination Classes,  a game of Quidditch, a photo booth of the Headmaster's Office, two film screenings, Dragon Alley - a market of over 30 vendor stalls, and Hogshead Village - including locally made Buttery Beer and Pumpkin Juice as well as live entertainment and another market. 

Melanie Kerr, has been dreaming of Longbourn since first she saw Colin Firth in a top hat and breeches, and has been building towards the dream of making it real since she started her first Jane Austen book club in 2006. This little Canadian company has big passions and big dreams, and the experience and team to pull off a real-life Austenland, with all the soul and care that costume-drama nerds would wish.

We hope to see you at Longbourn soon!




"Kerr has stayed true to the characters, true to the time, and yet wielded a rich and elaborate story.  It’s beautiful and brilliant, and I cannot imagine an Austen fan who would not love it."

— Anakalian Whims,